Michigan’s Original Sizzle has been delivering the best of the best since 1960, when the very first Brann’s location opened on the West Side of Grand Rapids. Good steak, beef ribs, and other traditional all-American bar and grill food are our specialties, but we have developed some specific fan favorites over the years.

No matter where you live in Grand Rapids, you’re bound to find a Brann’s within a stone’s throw. We now have eight locations across Michigan, each offering the sizzling delicious meals you’ve come to expect.

Here are three of our most famous recipes which have developed cult favorite status in Michigan.

Premium Angus Beef Sizzlers

Served with two signature sides and our famous yeast rolls, the Angus Beef off-the-grill sizzlers remain Brann’s staples at all our locations. Whether you like ‘em rare, well, or somewhere in between, we’ve perfected the art of grilling a good steak sizzler.

There are a wide range of sizes available, too—if you come hungry, order a 12 oz. Prime Rib, or munch on a small 6 oz. Sizzler Steak. Try them with your choice of topping: Kentucky Bourbon sauce, Cajun spice, bleu cheese, or boursin cheese. With so many options available, the whole family will be satisfied.

Pretzel Burger

We know how to serve up a mouth-watering burger and fries, but the delicacy we’re best known for across the Mitten State? The Pretzel Burger. It’s not hard to see why: for a fast burger to satisfy your hankering for something hearty and salty and delicious, you need look no further than this hickory smoked bacon burger wrapped in a savory gourmet pretzel bun.

You can pick and choose between our various toppings, too, ranging from sharp aged cheddar to fried egg to crunchy pickles. Whatever you decide on, your taste buds will be taken for a ride.

Traditional or Boneless Wings

There’s nothing more American than wings on game night, or just for an easy family dinner. And these are the best of the best. There is a hefty selection of sauces available: Buffalo, Brann’s Original BBQ, Sesame Garlic, Bang Bang, Dirty Ranch, Kentucky Bourbon, or Parmesen Garlic.

Choose from either traditional bone-in or boneless, and pick your size—Brann’s wings come in sets of eight or twelve.

Never tried any of our top recipes? Make it a Brann’s night tonight. Few downtown happy hour spots can compare with Brann’s, and you’ll come to see why.