Since 1960, when John Brann Sr. opened the first Brann’s location in Grand Rapids, our steakhouse chain has been willing to evolve, grow, and change with the times. We’ve been proud to remain on the cutting edge of the culinary industry while sticking to our tradition—as an all-American bar and grill with the original sizzle.

Through the decades, we’ve remained consistent. Of course, in recent years, the way Michiganders live our lives has changed dramatically. Thankfully, we’ve shifted in response to the pandemic, and continued to serve up delicious bar food via curbside pickup and delivery.

Pickup at Your Local Brann’s

Our COVID-cautious customers are still indulging in classic Brann’s meals and enjoying Michigan’s Original Sizzle while keeping the health and safety of our state in mind. We’ve made pickup insanely easy and seamless for all of our customers, ensuring that you won’t have to wait in long, frigid lines in the snow just to get your to-go bag. Simply order online, drive down, and pick up your food.

Craving Brann’s tonight, but you’re not in Grand Rapids? Never fear. Our flagship location might be in the city, but we’ve grown to a grand total of seven locations across the Grand Rapids metropolitan area, including Holland, Wyoming, Grandville, and Caledonia. Wherever you call home, we’ve got a Brann’s within driving distance. Best of all? Every single location offers carry-out.

Fast and Easy Delivery Near Home

Like all good burger places, Brann’s understands the importance of offering quick and easy delivery. We outsource our delivery service to third-party companies, all carefully vetted and guaranteed to satisfy your craving for bar food within a realistic window of time.

This means no more waiting around, checking your Uber Eats app every five minutes, and getting increasingly annoyed. We’re committed to a simple, enjoyable delivery service that will encourage our loyal customers to return to Brann’s to dine in.

Though delivery and pickup have always been part of Brann’s core services, we understand the particular importance of it in these challenging times. Our job is making your life—and meals—easier!