Cooking Thanksgiving dinner is a lot of work! If you have ever hosted, then you know cooking is not confined to just Thursday. Menu planning, grocery shopping and prep work begins days prior from the actual holiday. If you’re lucky enough to delegate some of the work to your guests that will certainly ease the load. If nothing else, make sure to recruit a family member to make the process more enjoyable.

Consider making a few menu items ahead of time so you can enjoy Thanksgiving day. Gravy, cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes are freezer-friendly dishes. Certain components of the stuffing and green bean casserole such as bread, homemade stock, or toasted nuts can be tackled up front as well. Fruit-based pies can be assembled and frozen right in the pie pan. Pop them in the oven on the big day and you’ll have an easy and tasty dessert. Save the pumpkin pie, turkey and rolls for Thanksgiving day and you’ll have an amazing dinner your guests won’t soon forget.

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If you’re sick of cooking but don’t want to leave the house, you can always order delivery! Placing your order online couldn’t be easier, just visit Between Uber Eats, Grubhub, and Door Dash, we’ve got delivery covered in your area.

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