There are few places to go for steakhouse and grille food that feel as friendly as Brann’s. We might have expanded into a chain over the past few decades, but we remain as humble and all-American as the day our flagship bar and grille opened at 401 Leonard St. NW in 1960.

This means we’re committed to dynamic excellence—not only in regard to our food, which is a given, but also in regard to our service, quality, and ambience. If you haven’t hit up your local Brann’s lately, the holiday season is the perfect time to treat yourself to some good old-fashioned indulgences: great food, stiff drinks, and even better conversation with your closest friends and family.

Hang Out at Brann’s

We’re proud to boast seven locations across the West Michigan suburbs, plus the original Leonard location that is still open to long-time locals and curious tourists alike. And at each location, we’ve got tons of specials and promotions to keep you merry all season long—and beyond. These are all year-round offerings, served up fresh either daily or weekly.

Looking for downtown happy hour spots? Your new favorite place for after-work drinks and hangs is right down the road at your local Brann’s location. Plus, we have lots of comfort food available, too. Unless otherwise stated, we have two happy hour times each evening: 3 PM to 6PM for the afternoon crowd, and 6 PM to close for the night owls.

Daily and Weekly Specials  

So, what do we have on offer? Everything but the kitchen sink. Domestic bottles and drafts for only $2.99 are sure to keep the conversation flowing all evening long. If your preference is vino, we’ve got glasses of house reds and whites for $4.99. Margaritas always get the party started—and we have them all day, every day for only $3.99. That means there are no time limits required. As long as you can keep drinking ‘em, we’ll keep pouring ‘em.

What about the food, you ask? We’ve got you covered. Our comfort food places are $12.99 every day of the week. For the folks with bigger appetites, All-You-Can-Eat Ribs are just $18.99 every Thursday—all day long. You set the limits!

At Brann’s, we serve up delicious steakhouse and grille food and drinks in a classic, traditionally Midwestern style. While our chefs are hard at work in the kitchen, our servers are bringing the smiles and laughter to your table.