The holidays are in full swing in the Grand Rapids area, and there is no better time to share a romantic meal at your favorite local Brann’s. Brann’s has built our reputation on being Michigan’s Original Sizzle: the classic all-American bar and grille that combines good old-fashioned Midwest comfort food with modern prestige.

Are you craving some classic favorites from your local Brann’s? Here are some of the best date night meal options you and your sweetheart can indulge in this weekend—or whenever the mood strikes.

Norwegian Salmon with Buttered Steamed Broccoli

While you might not initially associate us with seafood, we offer this delicacy and recommend it with a premium side of buttered steamed Broccoli. The salmon itself is seasoned with our signature blend of tantalizing herbs and spices, while the homemade garlic butter melting on top accentuates the flavor. This is a health-conscious choice for the pescatarian couple who nevertheless appreciates some quintessential American food.

12 oz Prime Rib with Sea Salt Crusted Baked Potato and Buttered Steamed Broccoli

What are we known for if not our delicious prime rib? Order a 12 oz slow-roasted prime rib with two signature sides—one for each of you. While the prime rib is roasted to perfection and served with au jus, you’ll want to sample the sea salt-crusted baked potato for its perfect blend of texture and flavor. The buttered steamed broccoli makes an excellent healthy side that melts in your mouth.

6 oz Sizzling Sirloin and Shrimp

Surf and turf is a classic, and we offer it in the form of a custom combination at most of your local Brann’s locations. You’ll understand why we call our sirloin Michigan’s Original Sizzle once you’ve taken a bite of this delicacy. So make a toast to your anniversary or your first non-FaceTime date with a healthy balance of red meat and seafood.

Prices and offerings are subject to vary depending on which Brann’s you visit, but we are consistently affordable and strive to make the best food accessible to everyone in the West Michigan area.