Brann’s has been operating since 1960, when we opened our first location in Grand Rapids. We had the dream of providing classic, all-American food like cheddar & bacon burgers and 11 oz steaks.

We could never have dreamed the expansive transformation that would take place over the next several decades. Now we have a prominent reputation as one of Michigan’s premier spots for classic yet modern American food, and we have numerous locations everywhere from Bay City to Wyoming and quite a few cities in between.

How did we develop the recipe for Michigan’s Original Sizzle? We’re not at liberty to share that secret, but we can offer you some tips on how to grill your own steak.

Turn Up the Temperature

Contrary to popular belief, the key to grilling a tantalizing, mouth-watering steak every single time is temperature—not cooking time. Be wary of any professional who suggests times rather than temperatures. Preheat the grill to high heat, or roughly 500 degrees, to ensure you get the right amount of “doneness.”

Grill ‘Em Fast

Every chef worth their salt will tell you not to grill steaks any more than four minutes max. There is usually no need to keep them on the grill any longer than that, and if the temperature is high enough, they’ll even be slightly burnt by the end—which brings us to our next tip.

Cook Until Slightly Charred

Watch the grill carefully. Don’t look away. Then, when you’re reaching the three-minute mark, flip when you see a slightly golden brown tone appearing. The lightly charred flavor is what gives Brann’s sizzlers our characteristic appeal.

Craving a Brann’s bacon burger or 12 oz steak? The final few weeks of patio season are upon us. Come to one of our many locations or order to enjoy in the comfort of your own backyard.