The long-awaited football season is upon us! September is for fantasy football, watch parties and of course tailgate parties. What better way to route for your beloved team?!

Brushup on Stadium Rules
The key to a successful tailgate is to do a bit of research ahead of time. Check out different spots around the stadium that might be hosting pregame events. Many stadiums allow fans to show up as early at 7:00am for afternoon kickoffs. Evening games usually allow fans to come as early as 1:00pm. Make sure to check facility rules regarding tents, trailers, alcohol and pets. 

Bring Your Appetite
And plenty to eat and drink! Most places allow grilling out so bring plenty burgers and wings! Wings are all about the sauces you choose. Consider buffalo, honey BBQ, Kentucky bourbon, BBQ, sesame garlic, or parmesan garlic. Our seasoning salt is sure to elevate any of your dishes! Don’t skimp on the side dishes and of course some good beer. Bring plenty to share and you’ll make friends for life! 

Get Social
This is the perfect time to meet a fellow fan and make a few new friends. Tight quarters and food are sure to bring people together. Expect to talk football, share a laugh, a drink and enjoy the game. 

Dress to Impress
Sport your team jersey, hat, sweatshirt or scarf! You simply can’t have too much team swag on game day. Michigan weather is notoriously unpredictable this time of year. Make sure to layer up and don’t forget that pancho! 

In addition to personal gear, don’t forget to deck out your area with banners and flags. Now is the time to bring out those good luck charms and cow bells! 

Game Time!
Get ready to chant, sing and cheer on your team! You’re sure to have a great time with the new friends you made during pregame. Take not to leave those purses, camera bags, binocular cases in the car while you’re in the stadium. 

Here’s to a great season! If you aren’t able to get it out to a tailgate event, be sure to catch the game at one of our Brann’s locations