Brann’s might be known for our Original Sizzle, but we serve up more than just the all-American comfort food classics you’ve come to expect. Our drink menu currently boasts a whole host of sips and suds you’ll love to enjoy at any time: kicking back with a beer (or two, or five) after a long day at work, sipping margaritas at brunch, or pouring the wine on a Friday date night.

Brann’s has developed a solid reputation as one of Grand Rapids’ best downtown happy hour spots, and it’s not hard to see why. We practically invented the no-strings-attached happy hour. We offer some of the best local happy hour deals around. We challenge you to find a better variety of options for those days you’re craving something a little stronger than your afternoon coffee.

Our mixologists have narrowed down our top five faves. Patio season is upon us— waste no time in heading down to your local Brann’s and giving some of these a try.

Michigan Cosmo

This is not your mom’s Cosmo from the ‘80s. Lake Life vodka as the base gives it a uniquely Michigan flair, only further accentuated by the sweet and citrus notes of cranberry, lime, and simple syrup. It’s a little light, a little sweet, and distinctly modern.

Angie’s Sunrise

Tequila might be the selling point here, but our mixologists work extra hard to fresh-squeeze lemons for this fan favorite. Orange juice and homemade grenadine add a spicy, summery flavor.

Washington Apple

Everyone appreciates the crisp, light taste of a refreshing crown apple. In this unique and highly Midwestern drink, the sweet crown apple flavor complements the sour notes of apple pucker and lime juice. A splash of cranberry juice ties the whole thing together perfectly.

The Scarlett O’Hara

With a name this legendary, we knew this drink had to live up to its inherent expectations. This one is a gold standard from the deep south that we’ve shamelessly brought up north, reinventing nothing: Southern Comfort, lime juice, and cranberry juice. The original was flawless the way it was.

Austin’s Snake Oil

Don’t let the weird name fool you. This is a curiosity that locals and tourists alike get excited about—and they usually wind up ordering a second. With sweet and strong Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey as the base, this is another drink that offers some real southern hospitality. Lemonade offsets the honey flavor, while a lemon peel garnish finish the whole deal off nicely.