Michigan’s Original Sizzle has been a staple for good old-fashioned bar and grille food in the Grand Rapids area since 1960, and we’re excited to kick off another patio season full of good food, good friends, and delicious drinks.

While our sizzling 10 oz and 12 oz steaks might have given us our long-standing reputation (and nickname), did you know we offer a whole lot more on our menu—especially for burger lovers? Here are three of our faves for those who prefer to nibble rather than gorge.

Pretzel Burger

 One of the more unique options on our menu is the delectably salty and savory Pretzel Burger, for the enterprising and unconventional eaters among us. If you’re tired of traditional hamburgers, you’ll love this tasty meal we cooked up specifically for our bacon burger lovers. We know you’re out there. That’s why the finest hickory smoked bacon is the main ingredient here. The star of the show, if you will.

But we added a bit of an edge by adding sharp, mouthwatering aged cheddar, another necessary topping for summer barbecue season. Every Pretzel Burger also comes adorned with an array of burger essentials: mayo, lettuce, tomato, fried egg, onion, and a pickle. The best part, naturally, is the salted gourmet pretzel bun: soft, tasty, and the perfect twist on the conventional cheeseburger.

Steakhouse Burger

(Available at select locations)

Obviously, Brann’s is best-known as a steakhouse, and this burger is aptly named, since it tastes like the best all-American steakhouse burger you remember from the 1950s diners that preceded the Brann’s cult following sixty years ago. We’ve got a long, long history of serving up the best steakhouse burgers on the West Side. You won’t want to miss this one.

Mayo, fresh lettuce, and sliced tomato blend for a mixture of traditional burger flavors, while the buttery brioche bun adds a sweetness as tantalizing as the conversations you’re sure to have over some cocktails this patio season. If brioche is too sweet for your taste buds, try savory instead with a common replacement: the aforementioned salted pretzel bun. A side of onion rings serve as a tasty, snackable appetizer.

Chicken Sandwich 

If you’re cutting back on red meat this summer, you can still make your trip to Brann’s eventful—and delicious. You don’t need to miss out on any of the good eats available. In fact, we’ve got something for everyone, including the chicken lover in your family.

This isn’t your basic chicken sandwich. It’s served on a delectable brioche bun and topped with grilled chicken, hickory smoked bacon, aged Swiss, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and a little bit of love from the Brann’s chefs. You’ll leave full and satisfied.