Open doors for all—that’s our mission! As a family-owned steakhouse with roots in the West Michigan area, the inaugural Brann’s opened in 1960 at the 401 Leonard St. NW location that still stands today.

In the sixty-plus years since we opened our doors and began promoting inclusivity across West Michigan, we’ve expanded. We now have seven locations scattered across the Grand Rapids suburban area, but we’re still the same Brann’s: a fun, friendly fan favorite that attracts locals and tourists alike. We might just be Michigan’s hidden culinary gem.

Sharing in the Gift of the Sizzle 

Got a friend from out of town who hasn’t yet been introduced to Michigan’s Original Sizzle? Welcoming a friend from out of state who’s recently moved to our area? Bring ‘em down to your nearest Brann’s location for some all-American bar and grill food, because we’d love to introduce some new people to our family.

Another reason why Brann’s has stood the test of time—besides the delicious food and the inexpensive cocktails that stay flowing all happy hour—is our welcoming and warm ambience.

We’re a great place to invite friends who might not be familiar with Grand Rapids–and if we may say so ourselves, we should probably be the first stop on your list of “must-eat” recommendations. Slip a Brann’s gift card to them during their housewarming party or when they come to crash in your guest room. They’ll thank you later.

Gifting the Original Sizzle 

Parting is such sweet sorrow. Sometimes our family and friends move away from the Grand Rapids area, be it for work or a desire to seek out warmer climes. We can’t really fault them for that. The bitter Michigan winters make you as hardy as our classic fare.

One thing you can do to help them remember the good times is by gifting them a Brann’s card before they go. They might not be able to put it to use in their new home state, but they sure can when they come back home.

With a simple gift card, you’re offering them the opportunity to indulge in their favorite wholesome, home-cooked bar food the minute they get off the tarmac at GRR. What better homecoming can you imagine?

No matter whether your friends and family are coming or going, Brann’s gift cards are a surefire way to keep the sizzle going all through the winter.