Patio season might be coming to an end, but Brann’s isn’t closing its doors to good old-fashioned Midwestern hospitality. We’re just getting started. You might not be able to sip margs under the summer sunshine for much longer, but dare we say it? The fall and winter months might be our favorites at Brann’s.

With the colder weather right around the corner, all of our locations—including the flagship Leonard location that started everything—will soon be serving up lots of our famous comfort food. Celebrate the changing of the seasons with the best-quality sizzling sirloins in your native West Michigan, or bring an out-of-towner friend to experience Brann’s for the first time. You definitely won’t regret it.

Sirloins That Stay Sizzling All Year Round

We’re not called Michigan’s Original Sizzle for nothing. Since our humble beginnings in 1960, our family business has been best known for our Premium Angus beef sizzlers, served with two signature sides and our delectable yeast rolls.

With soups and side salads available for only $1.99 extra, this is a meal that won’t break the bank but will still assuredly provide the all-American bar and grill experience all Midwesterners know and love.

Variety is the Sizzle of Life 

Our customers are as unique as our custom local drink specials, so we like to offer as much customization as humanly possible. When you walk through the doors of your local Brann’s, you should feel like you’re a welcome guest at someone’s house, not just a number at a burger joint. Whatever you have a hankering for, you can definitely find it here, along with a comfortingly familiar ambience and friendly faces who serve up burgers and fries with charming smiles and good conversation.

Your sizzler steak can be anywhere on the spectrum of ultra-rare to extremely well done. We don’t judge. Ditto for your toppings. You can choose between Kentucky bourbon sauce, Cajun spice, bleu cheese, or boursin cheese. Want some additional flavor? We offer mouthwatering toppings such as garlic glazed skewered shrimp, sautéed onions, and sautéed mushrooms.

Extra hungry? Add a signature side or premium side for only $1.99 extra. Furthermore, we have a long list of exclusive cocktails that you’ll go wild for.